CLOSED ON 4/04/24

We are closed for ALL classes on 4/04/24 due to inclement weather! Thank you! Stay safe and enjoy the snow ❄️

April 4, 2024

Open for preschool classes in the little gym ONLY! Closed for all classes in big gym ONLY!

HEY EVERYONE ‼️ Due to the heat, we are closing for all classes that are held in the BIG gym today! HOWEVER we are OPEN FOR PRESCHOOL CLASSES TODAY because the little/pre k gym is air conditioned!! 💜 OPEN FOR ALL PRESCHOOL CLASSES THAT ARE HELD IN LITTLE GYM! 🖤 CLOSED FOR REC, ADVANCED CLASSES AND TEAM PRACTICES THAT ARE HELD IN BIG GYM!

September 8, 2023


**FALL SCHEDULE STARTS THE WEEK OF 8/28/23** We open our fall registration on Monday, July 17th as follows: Registration will not be accepted prior to 7/17/23 Week of 7/17: open to all those currently enrolled in summer classes and camp  Week of 7/24: open to all those that were enrolled in the 2022-2023 school year  Week of 7/31: open to all  Attached you will find all of the needed forms as well as the school year class…

July 14, 2023

Gym Show week 6/12-6/15! Check below and our social media for more details!

✨ GYM SHOW WEEK💃🏼🕺🏾👯‍♀️ ✨ 🤸‍♂️Gym show days: Monday 6/12- Thursday 6/15 REMINDERS: ‼️‼️‼️ ▪️WE ARE CLOSED FOR CLASSES THIS WEEK 6/11-6/17 ▪️We are ONLY open this week for our annual gym show. Starting at 6pm ▪️YOU MUST HAVE PREVIOUSLY SIGNED UP FOR IT!!!!! ▪️Summer session starts the week of 6/19 and there are NO Saturday classes over the summer! Class days for gym show- Please be there around 5:45pm…

June 12, 2023

Cash Calendar Winners

**Sorry if anyone’s name is spelled incorrectly** 1/1-Ashley Beckey1/2-Ventura1/3- Nick Pellman1/4- Cleo Early1/5- Michael Zagoski1/6- Alaina Lesage 1/7- Jackie Boccio1/8- Annie Cole1/9- Deena Brady1/10- Peggy Paradis1/11- Vickie Routhier 1/12- Mits Coran1/13- Mike Kazmierczak1/14- Lonna Bashem1/15- Rita Therrien1/16- Deb Ruskouski1/17- Deena Brady1/18- Taviean Roundtree1/19- Kenn Simonetti1/20- K. Smith1/21- Diane Hoyt1/22- Holly Baron1/23- Jackie Porter1/24- Diane Hoyt1/25- Steph Houle1/26- Avery Sawyer1/27- Diane Hoyt1/28- Aoula Gharios1/29- Hannah Lesage 1/30- Jackie Porter1/31- Natalia T

February 13, 2023

Classes Closed 8/4

Hey All! Due to the heat advisory, we are closing all rec, team, tumbling and preschool classes from 3pm on today 8/4!

August 4, 2022


This week 6/6-6/11 is the last week of school year classes! If your child is a part of our van pick up, this is the last week of our school year pick ups GYM SHOW is next week Mon-Thu 6/13-6/16 starting at 6pm We are closed Friday 6/17 Summer Session #1 starts the week of Mon 6/20 If you have not signed up for summer classes, please do so ASAP!…

June 9, 2022


Summer classes have begun… Summer session 1 Tuition is due the week of 6/17. Summer session 1 classes run the weeks of:6/17-6/21, 6/24-6/28, 7/8-7/12 & 7/15-7/19 (please note we are closed for classes & open gym the week of 7/1-7/5). Summer session 2 Tuition is due the week of 7/22.Summer session 2 classes run the weeks of:7/22-7/26, 7/29-8/2, 8/5-8/9 & 8/12-8/16. Summer Office Hours:Saturday, Sunday & Monday: ClosedTuesday & Thursday:…

June 25, 2019