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Cash Calendar Winners!
Updates will be done once a week.  Prizes will be mailed out in the beginning of February.
1/1 Diane Z
1/2 Katie T
1/3 Harry I
1/4 Sydney P
1/5 Annie C
1/6 Rob
1/7 Jessie G
1/8 Taurean R
1/9 Wayne M
1/10 Melissa
1/11 Jessica G.
1/12 Lisa W.
1/13 Tanza M
1/14 Chris W
1/15 Dan O
1/16 M M
1/17 Sam C
1/18 Darlene
1/19 Natalia
1/20 Tim G
1/21 Tiffany W
1/22 Rob B
1/23 Deb B
1/24 Rene M
1/25 Linda S
1/26 Andrea G
1/27 Jacki S
1/28 Michael Z
1/29 Chris W
1/30 Holly B
1/31 Damien

Pre-School Classes (Twinkling Stars, Beaming Stars & Shining Stars)  are being held in our New Pre-School Gym
(Formally the Dance Studio)–Enter street side through the door under the Third Street Exchange sign.  Up the stairs and it’s the first door on the left!

Class Schedule Available Here 
 Registration forms:  Please email the office to request registration forms tristargym@comcast.net. Thank you.


We are more than just gymnastics!  We also offer tumbling classes, as well as summer camps, vacation camps, birthday parties, sleepovers and parent’s nights out.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our programs!

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